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Founded in 2015 in Belgrade, Serbian Wine Academy has been driven to enhance education opportunities for wine professionals and employees across all segments of the wine business. Our diploma represents standard of knowledge required for successful participation in the wine business. Our programs are also designed for wine lovers with an ambition to deepen their knowledge about wine and to bring it to the professional level.

Lecturers at Serbian Wine Academy are distinguished wine experts with vast experience in theoretical and practical work in the wine business segment.

Currently, Serbian Wine Academy delivers two levels of wine courses – Basic and Professional.


Basic Course:

This one-day course provides a short and quick but systematic insight into the world of wine. The course is characterized by an interactive approach, through which participants learn about basic styles, storage and serving of wine. The program consists of theoretical and practical training, covering the basics of proper service and wine tasting. During the course, the participants have an opportunity to taste 10 different kinds of wine from around the world.


Professional course:

Professional course covers all areas important for wine professionals:

  • Viticulture
  • Processes and techniques of wine production
  • Wine regions of the world
  • Styles of wine
  • Storage and service of wine
  • Systematic tasting of wine
  • Wine marketing
  • International wine business

The program covers classic, sparkling and fortified wines, as well as spirits. The program is interactive and consists of theoretical and practical work.

After the course, all candidates who successfully pass the exam receive a diploma that is recognized by the Austrian Wine Academy.

Professional course lasts for seven days spanned over a one month period – on Saturdays and Sundays between 11 am and 4 pm, at the Townhouse 27 hotel, Topličin venac, Belgrade.




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